Android Or Apple – Which is Better for Casinos?

Casino on Android or Apple

It is widely known that mobile phones are the new portable casino solution. Virtually every casino game you can think of is available on mobile devices, and may also be played for real money. It is a convenience that casino goers of just a decade or two ago could only dream of.

But with that being said, there are a few things to take into consideration when logging into a mobile casino. For example, which is better; Android or Apple? Are there advantages to one over the other? Will either offer a better experience? Should you lean towards one operating system over the other?

Let’s take a closer look.

Google Play and Android

Interestingly, the Google Play Store does not offer any official, real money online casino apps in some countries. Virtual currency casino games will be available, providing the fun of casino games, but without the potential to win any real cash.

However, Android users should be able to download the real money version from official online casino sites. So there is no question that Apple already has an advantage in this regard, assuming that you live in a country where these Google Play Store restrictions are relevant. Having to download the app from a site isn’t the biggest problem in the world, but it is an extra step that is somewhat inconvenient.

As far as the apps themselves go, they are more or less what would be expected. The vast majority of modern smartphones are supported by casino sites, have been optimised, and will run without much of a problem. Though, given the broad range of Android phones, and the vast differences in their hardware, some problems are to be expected. There is the potential for apps to crash, or otherwise not operate correctly.

Apple and Apple iStore

As we all know, iPhones, and the iOS operating system, are carefully guarded and monitored by the parent company. The Apple iStore is also diligently regulated, with no apps being allowed for download without first being careful scrutinising. This is probably why real money casino apps are allowed in all regulated countries, since the apps are so carefully screened before a single customer is allowed to interact with them.

The apps are also less likely to crash or malfunction, given that iPhone series models are all identical, and the hardware limitations of each well known to developers. There is no question; Apple is a more tightly controlled environment.

Image of Apple App Store

A Matter of Preference

This is certainly good news for iPhone owners, and a benefit to the platform users in general. But it really is a small benefit overall, with both platforms offering more or less the same services. To call one platform objectively better than the other is a bit of a stretch, and there is certainly no call to go running off and buying an iPhone. Especially given how expensive the devices are.

The online casino experience like trying out different types of pokies on both platforms is great, even if one requires an extra step in order to start playing.