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What Online Casino Gaming Companies Offer

If you are a casino enthusiast, you have probably thought about playing online. In today’s digital society, online gambling has become the most popular way for players to access their favourite casino games and win money online. What most people don’t know is that online casinos run software designed by online casino gaming companies for their sites. If you have been around a bit, you may have heard of companies like Microgaming or Playtech, the two giants of the online casino industry. In the notes below we are going to explore the world of online casinos and the companies that design the software.

What Difference Does it Make?

In the online casino industry, there are two main types of online casinos. There are those that are tied to a single software developer across one or more platforms and there are those that are associated with multiple software developers across multiple platforms. But how do online casino gaming companies affect you? In most cases, the credibility of the software developer reflects the overall quality of the online casino that it is associated with. It is worth paying attention to the software developer in order to be sure about the quality and safety of the online casino in question.

Gaming Platforms

When you choose an online casino to sign up with, one of the first things you should look at is the variety of gaming platforms. All top rated online casino gaming companies provide multiple platforms for all of their games. If you are only going to play casino games at home on your PC, that is all good and well, but if you would like to play on any computer or mobile device, this is another story. The three main gaming platforms provided by software companies are download casinos, instant or flash casinos and mobile casinos.

Game Selection

When deciding on which online casino software gaming company to choose, one thing to look out for is the gaming selection. Some online casino gaming companies focus more on slots games while others provide a broad spectrum of games for all genres. Top-rated software companies provide high quality games with state of the art graphics and sound providing a truly immersive gaming experience. Another thing to look out for is progressive jackpots. The biggest software companies provide games that are linked to a single jackpot which means that every player at every echeck casino Canada running the same software is linked to the same jackpot which means bigger totals and massive wins.

Safety online

When choosing an online casino to sign up with, it is best to look for online casino gaming companies with a history of safety and honest pay-outs. All top-rated casino software companies employ the use of audited random number generators to produce all of their gaming results. This means that players can always be sure of the accuracy of their pay-outs. Players should also have a look at what deposit and cash out options are offered at the casino. The best software companies run state of the art SSL digital encryption technology to ensure safe and secure transactions online.

Mobile online sic bo Review

The Origins of Sic Bo

Sic bo originated hundreds of years ago in Ancient China. It is believed that sic bo was originally played with painted bricks that were thrown into the air before the game was played with dice. Because the name sic bo translates to dice pair it is also believed the game may have been played with two dice before it became a three dice game at a later stage. The dice were placed on a plate and covered with a bowl then shaken up while players predicted the outcome.

The game sic bo has been enjoyed throughout Asia for centuries and in the early twentieth century found its way to the West through Chinese migration. More recently sic bo has become a worldwide sensation since online casinos nz have made the enjoyment of sic bo easily accessible.

Enjoy Sic Bo on your Mobile

If you have not played sic bo before you have the opportunity to learn while enjoying a few practice rounds on your mobile device for free. This allows you to get a better understanding on how to place the bets and since mobile online sic bo is such a thrilling game to play you will want to keep on playing. Playing on your mobile gives you the opportunity to enjoy this exciting game at any time, so if you are feeling lucky while waiting for a meeting or on a long bus ride, you have the opportunity to have a go right then.

The Basics of Mobile Sic Bo

Mobile online sic bo is no different from the traditional sic bo, the same goal is to bet on the outcome of three rolled dice. Sic bo is mainly a game of chance but there are many betting options in which the player can use to increase the chances of a better outcome.

Since mobile online sic bo does not require skill, it is important to know the types of betting options and to use smart money management. Playing sic bo rather simple, once you are familiar with the rules of the bets, you place your desired wager on the betting table and roll the dice. If the results of the dice match your wager, you have won.

Some Types of Sic Bo Bets

Mobile online sic bo has many different betting options as well as a variety of odds and pay outs. The pay outs range from even money to 180-1, which is why it is vital to know the basics of betting and which options pay higher to up the odds of better wins.

You can bet on any triple, this is a winning bet regardless of which three numbers are rolled. Specific double is only won when the two specific numbers you bet on are rolled. A total bet is for the total points rolled the dice. Big bets are if the dice rolls on a total of eleven to seventeen and small bets total four to ten. Single bets are placed on any one specific number that wins if that number is rolled on any of the dice.

Mobile online sic bo is a highly thrilling dice game that involves little strategy or skill. The game is simple to use on your mobile device and any of your winning bets are tallied automatically and added to your bankroll.

Free Slot Machine Games Online Review

Slot machines are thought by many to symbolise the fun and thrill of a real casino experience. Just one look at the colourful slot machine display at your local land-based casino makes it easy to see why slots are a standard addition to casino floors across the globe. As the world of technology has progressed and become more and more dependent on computers, tablets and smartphones for both work and play, online casinos have become an increasingly popular medium through which to enjoy casino games.

Online casino players can now enjoy free slot machine games from any internet-connected computer or mobile phone of their choice. This is great news for even the busiest players, who can now enjoy a quality casino experience while on the move, without having to travel or adhere to casino opening hours. The best free slot machine games are available for play 24 hours a day at players’ leisure, whether they’re looking to play during a few spare minutes during work breaks or while on the train or whether they’re settled in for a night of budget-friendly casino game fun at home.

The Benefits of Free Slots Online

Free slot machine games are provided by online casinos for players’ enjoyment, but also as a way to introduce them to their casino software and games. Free games provide online players with a risk-free opportunity to explore various casinos and to find the casino with the right games and benefits for them. Casinos hope that by offering these games, they will persuade players with their great games to register a real money player account and play slots for real money online pokies, but the unlimited free credits offered by many online casinos means that players can enjoy uninterrupted free play for as long as they’d like. Players can use free slot machine games to their advantage to hone their slots game skills, learn more about payout lines and tips and even determine which games they may be interested in playing for real money in the future, all at no cost to them.

Numerous Great Games Available

The game selection at the best online casinos is phenomenal, spanning up to hundreds of free slot machine games. Each game has been created by top software providers like Playtech and Microgaming and has been designed for full compatibility with most popular computers, tablets and smartphones for a versatile slots experience. These games also feature gripping graphics and animation techniques that bring all the thrill of a real casino experience right to players’ fingertips. Playing these games couldn’t be easier, as players can either download their chosen free slot machine games straight onto their devices or play no-download games instantly from their internet browsers.

Big Free Slots Bonuses

Free online casino games also offer players unique bonus offers, including no deposit bonuses and free spins offers. Players can use these generous bonuses to extend their premium casino entertainment, and also to experience real money online slots play and even claim real money payouts, all without spending a cent of their own capital. In this way, free slot machine games offer players all the benefits of land-based slots as well as unique and tempting online bonuses and benefits, all while remaining friendly on their pockets while they play from the comfort of their internet-connected computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Understanding the Parameters of Android Roulette

Here we have the combination of two of the most popular past times in the world, the exciting game of roulette, and the convenience of a modern Android device. Roulette has long been a classic game of the casino floor, with players from all over the world playing every day, winning and losing, improving their strategies, and having fun while doing it. Roulette became even more popular when it was ported over to the Internet, giving people the chance to play the game where it was impossible before.

While online roulette has been a favourite for many, the jump to mobile devices truly upped the game for the online casino world, and especially for games like roulette, which are extremely well suited for touch screens. As android devices have become more powerful, more variants of roulette have been developed, always with convenience and entertainment in mind.

Android Roulette and Devices

Google’s Android has become the most used mobile operating system in the world, even surpassing the behemoth that is Apple. Today, Android devices can be found anywhere and everywhere in the world, with smart phones, tablets, and even smart watches using the operating system. Android devices use the latest hardware to provide powerful and seamless experiences for the users, and nothing boasts this more than online casino games.

Games like Android roulette can be played at any time, and at any place, and all that is required is a connection to the Internet. Roulette can be played using real money, and Android devices are notoriously safe to use when handling money online. This means players can even play roulette games for real money without having to worry about online criminals, as they would when handling money on the computer.

Playing Android Roulette

Seasoned roulette players will be able to pick up and play their favourite online roulette games on their Android straight away, but new players will not have a difficult time learning. The game is straightforward and easy to play. Players make a bet on either a range of numbers, black or red, or on odds and evens. Multiple bets can be made at one time, and bets can even be made while the wheel is spinning. Once the game starts, the wheel will begin spinning, and a small ball will roll until eventually coming to a stop at random. Where it lands determines whether the bet was a success or not for the player.

With a mobile device, Android roulette is even easier to play, with the entire thing fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. All processes of the roulette table are done automatically, and many apps will even notify the player if the current round ends in a win. There are multiple apps that can be found on the appropriate apps store, and many of them can be played completely free.

Android Roulette Readily Available

With the number of different Android devices on the market, and the huge libraries of apps that are free to download, players will be spoilt for choice when looking for the perfect game of Android roulette.

Playing Bingo Online in Canada

Bingo was introduced to the world by means of the World Wide Web in 1996. Although this new way to enjoy it did recruit some new players, the limited access to both computers and the internet restricted its impact hugely. This is no longer the case, with almost every Canadian enjoying totally limitless online access, and, as a result, the popularity of bingo is steadily increasing in both this country and around the world.

The fact that bingo relies almost totally on the vagaries of Lady Luck make it perfectly suited to online play, as random number generators are employed to make sure the decision behind the winning numbers is an utterly accidental one. Just make sure of this when you are researching the site you are considering playing at. Because this is such an important part of the game, legitimate sites will have this type of information clearly displayed for you.

Starting to Play Bingo Online

When players began taking part in online bingo games in the 90s, lengthy software downloads were required in order to do so, but, thankfully, this is no longer the case. In this technologically advanced day and age, however, you will be able to get right into the best online bingo games at once, thanks to the Flash and JavaScript applications made available, and no tortuous waits are necessary for you to enjoy a game.

Although the winning numbers are largely determined by Lady Luck, there are hints and tips that can increase the odds in your favour when you decide to start enjoying bingo online, all of which will be available for your consideration whenever you log in to your online account. Improvements in software have also removed the need for you to be super vigilant about the numbers being called, as many sites automatically mark these off for you, and this is wonderful news for players who enjoy multiple cards at a time. You do not need to worry that you will miss a winning combination anymore, as the game software itself will make sure that this is never the case.

The Benefits of Playing Bingo Online

Many fans of the game were concerned that, in the move to the social world, the social element making up such a large part of what makes bingo so enjoyable would be lost, but, thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Virtual chat rooms are amply provided for, and players are encouraged to interact between games. It is very rare for a game of chance to combine the opportunities of winning money with making friends and having a relaxing time online, but bingo somehow manages to do just that. You will soon be forging possible lifelong friendships with likeminded individuals from all around the world!

Take as much time as you need when investigating new online bingo sites, and make sure that you thoroughly evaluate all the offers and game variations available. Determining the site’s reputation by means of the detailed reviews so widely available online is always recommended as well, as you will easily be able to avoid negative online experiences in this manner.

The Allure of Android Casinos Review

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems and along with Apple’s iOS has a lion’s share of the market. This open source operating system differs in many ways to the iOS and instead of only powering a set brand of mobile device, it is cross compatible and utilised by tech giants such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei and LG.

In Canada a vast number of mobile users prefer Android and this Google-owned operating system certainly offers a number of benefits far more that what horse betting has to offer. For those who want enjoy mobile gaming on their smartphone or tablet there are plenty of opportunities and Android compatible casino apps and optimised sites are now available in abundance.

Play Optimised Casino Games on the Go

Android casino games let Canadians take the thrill of winning big with them wherever they go as real money casino games can be enjoyed at the tap of a screen. Although free games can also be enjoyed, the real money games are where the big wins are, and the same giant jackpots previously only accessible via desktop or laptop can now be played for on the move. The top Canadian Android casinos ensure that players have access to safe, secure and trusted mobile banking options and that playing for real money is easy and hugely enjoyable.

Playing online casino games on your Android is incredibly simple and top online casino developers have adapted slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker and other popular games to run smoothly and seamlessly. User-friendly navigation and game interfaces and intuitive integration with features such as touch screens have been implemented, and playing mobile casino games offers a whole new level of immersive entertainment at its best. Cutting edge technology has been utilised to create games that are a realistic and accurate representation of the real thing and Android users can benefit from techniques such as responsive design which ensures that no matter what size your screen, games display flawlessly.

The Ultimate Mobile Casino Convenience

Being able to play casino games on the go opens up a whole new world of exciting possibilities to players in Canada and makes winning big even easier. As long as you have your Android with you, you can play your favourite games whenever you choose, turning every opportunity into a winning one.

Android-exclusive or mobile-specific bonuses are also up for grabs at many of the top Canadian online casinos offering games compatible, with this device and players can reap the rewards of choosing to game in the palm of their hands. Additionally, players can enjoy progressive jackpot games and others that that feature enormous payouts from absolutely anywhere they choose.

There’s no greater freedom than being able to play Android casino games at absolutely any moment you desire and mobile gaming is incredibly versatile. You can play from the comfort of your sofa, by the pool, whilst waiting for your morning coffee or between meetings- there’s no restrictions to the fun you can have and the winning opportunities that are available to you.

In recent years mobile gaming has become increasingly popular and with Android being a leader of the pack this OS is the obvious choice for any discerning Canadian who demands access to quality entertainment at their fingertips.

Best Mobile Casino Canada

Playing at the Best Mobile Casino Canada Websites

In Canada, online casinos have become the easiest and most convenient way for players to access casino games and gamble online. As opposed to land based casinos, online and mobile casinos are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the rise of mobile technology and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, mobile casinos have taken over as the preferred method of accessing online games.

Mobile casinos offer all the functions of a full online casino with the added benefit of being portable. The best mobile casino Canada websites offer players a wide choice of games, welcome bonuses, daily and weekly promotions plus a chance to win some serious money. In the notes below we are going to look at what the best mobile casinos can offer you.

Game Selection

As with online casinos, the best mobile casino Canada websites should offer players everything they need to play for free or for real money. Before signing up with any mobile casino, it is best to check that your chosen casino offers the widest range of casino games. The best mobile sites offer hundreds of slots games including classic and video slots.

To add to this, players should be able to play any number of casino table games including blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps and roulette. The mobile casinos have no restrictions on what games can be played for free. Players should be able to access any casino game and play for free as long as they like without ever needing to make a deposit.

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Before signing up with any mobile casino it is always good to check what bonuses and promotions they are willing to offer you. The best mobile casino Canada websites offer players a range of lucrative bonuses for both new and regular players. New players should always be rewarded with welcome or deposit bonuses.

These are usually cash match bonuses that come into effect as soon as you make your first deposit. For regular members, the best mobile casinos should offer reload bonuses as well as both weekly and monthly promotions to keep your casino account topped up.

Casino Privacy and Security Protocols

Before considering signing up at any mobile casino, have a look at what security they can offer you. The best mobile casino Canada websites use state of the art encryption technology to ensure that all personal and financial data remain private and secure. Players should always feel safe when playing online and this includes topping up their account. All top-rated mobile casinos should offer a number of safe and secure deposit methods including credit card payments, bank transfers as well as web-wallet payments.

Gaming Results and Customer Care

When it comes to gaming results, you want to know that all the casino game results are accurate and fair. The best mobile casinos Canada websites use externally audited random number generators to generate their gaming results. This ensures that all the results produced on slots and table games are accurate and completely random. Finally it is always best to choose a mobile casino that a comprehensive customer care facility. The best mobile sites offer locally based consultants that can be contacted by telephone, by email or via the live chat facility.

Pathological Gambling- Signs of Pathological Gambling and Gambling Addiction

Pathological Gambling

Gambling can be an entertaining hobby, fun way to spend an evening, or even a great social activity. But there are, without question, those who have ruined their financial situation, and even family life, with pathological gambling. The act of pathological gambling, classified as an addictive disorder, is extremely dangerous and not to be taken lightly. As with drug abuse, some people can descend into a mental state where it is very difficult for them to resist the urge to perform an action they know to be destructive, such as gambling. This can result in the person behaving irrationally, such as spending money needed for other debts, or even selling assets to obtain funds for gambling. Thankfully, the vast majority of casinos are bound by law to not allow those with gambling addiction to even enter their premises. It is still, however, a very real problem across the world, with sufferers of addiction based gambling far more common then some assume.

Common Symptoms Of Pathological Gambling

As with drug addiction, a pathological gambler can be recognised by certain common behaviours. The first of these behaviours, and most common, is a person who lies about their intentions of going to gamble. Others will often have told this person they need to stop gambling, as it is becoming an obvious problem. In response, the person will make an excuse about where they are going, but instead head off to the local casino or other gambling establishment. This indicates a change in the person’s psychology, as they are beginning to associate gambling as a more important priority then those that care for them. It is not time to panic yet, however, as some people do this simply as a way to find time for themselves, when feeling smothered by family life.

A more serious and obvious symptom is when the person begins to have financial difficulty due to gambling debts. If at anytime a person cannot afford to pay standard costs, such as rent, because they have lost that money gambling, and they say they will win the money back with more gambling, it may now be time to start waving the red flags. A golden rule is that the notion of earning back gambling debts with more gambling is the worst thing anyone can consider. Gambling online NZ is not a guaranteed source of income, and should always be treated that way, without question.

Getting Help

Being worried about a person who is pathological gambling is natural, but helping them is a difficult and delicate matter. Interventions, often seen in movies ad sitcoms, are a good idea, but need to be handled with care. Anyone being faced by a room of friends expressing their concern, can easily be overwhelmed, and their reaction negative. It is often a far better idea to talk to the person one on one, in private, without the pressure of a dozen faces. It is far more common that the person admit to the problem when not feeling attacked. Once the person admits the problem, the road to recovery is not so difficult as is often perceived. Gambling, thankfully, is not the horror show that heroine addiction can be, but is still a substantial hurdle.

Dragons Inferno Slot Examined

The art for Dragons Inferno slot is a striking comic style with bright, vivid colours, and detailed characters. Set in a mythical time where dragons ruled the skies and great heroes such as magical sorcerers, brave knights and skilled archers fought to defeat them. Dragons Inferno slot by Williams Interactive has five reels and thirty paylines, along with several bonus features.

The dragons featured in Dragons Inferno are from the European tradition and not from the Chinese or Asian tradition. The word dragon comes from the Latin word draconem which literally translates into huge serpent and the Greek word drakon which means giant sea fish. Dragons were originally thought of as legless serpents, but during the Middle Ages, they started to get illustrated and spoken about as having legs. This made them seem more like lizards than snakes.

The dragon from Europe has wings that grow out of its back and resemble bat wings. If it has wings but only one pair of legs, it’s called a wyvern. Dragons from the European tradition are often seen hording masses of treasure from the prying fingers of those daring enough to try and take it. This is where we find the dragon in Dragons Inferno, and why this mythical beast is mostly popular among the real money slot Philippines game.

The reel background in this game is a bright, swirling cauldron of orange and red lava. Bordering the lava are jagged rocks. At the top is the player’s total balance. At the bottom, on a gold plaque, the lines, bet per line, total bet and win are shown. There’s also a blue button with a white arrow that the player uses to start the spin, as well as the formula used to calculate the total bet. This formula is lines multiplied by bet per line to equal the total bet. The reel itself, where all of the game’s symbols are displayed, is surrounded in a gold trim and has a blue and white gradient background.


Dragons Inferno Reel Symbols

The reel in this game features both human characters as well as artefacts that the heroes can use to help defeat the dragon. The first human character is the archer. He is dressed in a green and brown vest with a white shirt, a green hat, and is holding a bow and arrow at full draw. He resembles the legendary hero Robin Hood. The second human character is the game is the sorceress. She has blonde hair, a jewelled necklace and is dressed in pink. She is seen casting a powerful spell. The third human character is a knight outfitted in full armour and holding a blue flaming sword. The background is a dungeon gate with blue mist.

Other symbols include a leather tome which is gilded in gold, a red potion with red background, a crystal ball held in the talons of an eagle, and a green sword with a misty green background. Next is the giant pile of treasure which serves as the wild. There are also the traditional symbols of a purple club, a red heart, a pink diamond, and a blue spade. Finally, there is the dragon symbol. It is portrayed as a large, scaled, winged beast with a fiery background.

Bonus Features

If the red dragon appears on reel three, the replicating wild feature is triggered.

Free spins are triggered when the player has three or more of the dragons that show up scattered anywhere across the reel.

Dolphin Reef Slot Game Review

NextGen Gaming’s Dolphin Reef Slot sets the scene for some light-hearted spinning right from its introductory video. Strong graphics of a turtle and a dolphin swimming underwater fill your monitor before the friendly dolphin tries to butt at the screen and say hello to you properly. Sea animal sounds and a relaxing soundtrack take the idea of an aquatic entertainment park even further.

The reels are framed by underwater plant life and sit on the ocean floor with light breaking through the water’s surface above. The higher-value symbols include a seahorse, starfish, tropical fish and sea turtle, with the usual lower-value playing cards completing the line-up. The appealing look and design of Dolphin Reef are matched by its features and payouts, and it’s well worth checking out. To learn more about the game, keep reading here.

Basic Gameplay

The Dolphin Reef slot has 5 reels and up to 20 paylines, and you can bet 0.01 to 2.0 per activated line. This means the game’s betting range is 0.01 to 40.00 per spin, which should accommodate the budget of every player.

The Top Jackpot in the base game is 5000x your total stake, and the theoretical RTP is a very respectable 95,23%. If you want to play without making a deposit, this is also possible and this free play allows you to practice or to just relax and enjoy the game. It’s also a good way to check the game out and make sure you are happy with it before placing any real money bets.

When you are playing for real cash the Auto Play feature can be activated to keep the reels turning automatically while you carry on with other things. This isn’t, of course, as enjoyable as playing the game yourself, but it does mean you can maximize your winning opportunities when you are very busy and your time is minimal.


Special Features

The treasure chest is the Scatter Symbol in the Dolphin Reef slot game, which means it will pay out when 3 or more are seen anywhere on the reels. They don’t have to line up consecutively on the reels to reward you, and this is also the only icon that the Wild can’t substitute for.

The Wild is the happy dolphin himself, and he really is the main event of the game. He can stand in for any symbol except the Scatter to complete winning combinations, and he activates the Free Spins bonus round. This is triggered when the dolphin lands on Reels 2 and 4 at the same time, and allows you to spin the reels for free 5 times. The Wilds can only ever appear on these 2 reels, but during the free spins they expand and cover the reels completely, so you’ll win a lot on each spin.

The last special extra in the Dolphin Reef slot is the Gamble Feature that often features in NextGen Slot games. You can try to double or quadruple your payout after each winning spin by guessing the colour or suit of a playing card respectively. You can do this up to 5 times in a row, but if you’re wrong you’ll lose everything, that is same as bingo Australia! This sense of risk makes the feature a really exciting final flourish to a successful round.