What Is Exchange Betting?

Exchange betting works very much like the stock exchange. Instead of share prices which are listed on big electronic boards, there are lists of available bets which are displayed. You then have the opportunity to back one or many of the bets or bet against them. This type of betting arose in the early 2000s as a response to the complaint of unfair odds at standard sportsbooks.

If the outcome of the bet is favourable, then all the ‘backers’ get a share in the money which was put down by the ‘layers’. But if the outcome isn’t favourable, the ‘layers’ get a portion of the money which was put down by the ‘layers’.

What Are The Advantages Of Exchange Betting?

One of the biggest advantages of exchange betting is that you can lay selections; in other words, bet on some players to lose. You’re aren’t able to do this with a traditional bookmaker. Although this type of betting can be seen as risky in certain circumstances, there are certain strategies that you can use in order to mitigate your risk.

For example, if you backed team X at the beginning of the Super Bowl season at 15.00 odds. When your team makes the playoffs, the odds on them winning the Superbowl are much lower at this point, which means that you are able to lay them  – and make a profit whether the team wins or loses.

In addition, betting exchanges often have better prices, which is especially true with longshot wagers. But don’t forget about the commission and make sure that you factor this into your strategy – a 5% commission can be quite hefty when you win a bet with long odds.

Betting exchanges don’t limit your bets or ban you if you hit a lucky streak. Ultimately, other gamblers are paying your winnings and not the house.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Exchange Betting?

The disadvantages of exchange betting are relatively minor. However, you need to be aware of these before you delve in.

The first is that you may not be able to get your perfect match. This doesn’t often make happy with mainstream sports; however, it could happen if you’re betting on lesser-known sporting events. As well the bonuses and rewards that are available in exchange betting aren’t that generous as those offered by sports betting sites.

In addition, betting exchanges often have lower liquidity than your average sportsbook. This becomes a problem in terms of matching bets. Betting exchanges don’t have parlays or accumulators (very few have accumulators).

There aren’t many betting exchanges around and this type of environment could be rife with match-fixers. This is because a layer’s attractive https://sportsbetnrl.net/odds/ could attract numerous backers and, with this cash injection, they could pay off the athlete to throw a match.

Before you jump headfirst into exchange gambling, first figure out if sports betting is right for you. Learn the basic principles and these will help you to achieve success with exchange gambling.