What Online Casino Gaming Companies Offer

If you are a casino enthusiast, you have probably thought about playing online. In today’s digital society, online gambling has become the most popular way for players to access their favourite casino games and win money online. What most people don’t know is that online casinos run software designed by online casino gaming companies for their sites. If you have been around a bit, you may have heard of companies like Microgaming or Playtech, the two giants of the online casino industry. In the notes below we are going to explore the world of online casinos and the companies that design the software.

What Difference Does it Make?

In the online casino industry, there are two main types of online casinos. There are those that are tied to a single software developer across one or more platforms and there are those that are associated with multiple software developers across multiple platforms. But how do online casino gaming companies affect you? In most cases, the credibility of the software developer reflects the overall quality of the online casino that it is associated with. It is worth paying attention to the software developer in order to be sure about the quality and safety of the online casino in question.

Gaming Platforms

When you choose an online casino to sign up with, one of the first things you should look at is the variety of gaming platforms. All top rated online casino gaming companies provide multiple platforms for all of their games. If you are only going to play casino games at home on your PC, that is all good and well, but if you would like to play on any computer or mobile device, this is another story. The three main gaming platforms provided by software companies are download casinos, instant or flash casinos and mobile casinos.

Game Selection

When deciding on which online casino software gaming company to choose, one thing to look out for is the gaming selection. Some online casino gaming companies focus more on slots games while others provide a broad spectrum of games for all genres. Top-rated software companies provide high quality games with state of the art graphics and sound providing a truly immersive gaming experience. Another thing to look out for is progressive jackpots. The biggest software companies provide games that are linked to a single jackpot which means that every player at every echeck casino Canada running the same software is linked to the same jackpot which means bigger totals and massive wins.

Safety online

When choosing an online casino to sign up with, it is best to look for online casino gaming companies with a history of safety and honest pay-outs. All top-rated casino software companies employ the use of audited random number generators to produce all of their gaming results. This means that players can always be sure of the accuracy of their pay-outs. Players should also have a look at what deposit and cash out options are offered at the casino. The best software companies run state of the art SSL digital encryption technology to ensure safe and secure transactions online.

Free Spins for Canadian Players Online

It is simply amazing to see how many new slots machines are being released all the time. In fact, some of best online or mobile casinos in Canada even have a search filter where you can view the latest releases.

Some sites even feature the new machines at the top of the page in order to try and get players to try out these new machines right from the word go. When looking for a machine to start playing, it is useful to use the search function that is has been provided on the site. With this search function, you can enter in a specific machine that you have played before. Alternatively, you can enter certain keywords, or a theme or genre that interests you, and chances are you will find a number of results.

Of course, there top sites often provide their own lists of machines, such as the most popular machines, or the most played machines. These are always a great option, especially for new players. There is a reason why a machine will be listed as the most played machine, so why not join in with all the other Canadian players and discover why that particular machine is so popular. Fortunately, in most cases, you can actually get your hands on some free spins to use on any of the machines, which is a great way to get started.

Claim Free Spins at Top Sites

There are fantastic free spins offers that are made to new players in particular. Most often, as soon as players register with a new site, they are very often able to claim the free spins deals. The free spins are a great way to try out some new machines, as well as to see whether you like how the actual casino is operated.

When looking at the specials deals that are being advertised do yourself a favour and read up on the terms and conditions. These should explain whether you are eligible or not, and exactly what you have to do in order to claim the bonus offer. If you are still uncertain whether the bonus deal is legitimate, read up on what other players have to say. If other players have had any struggles in the past in terms of claiming a deal that they saw advertised, they will typically leave a negative review or rating.

If you can find these out up front, you can save yourself a lot of hassles. Fortunately, in most cases these deals are legitimate, especially in the case of the big Canadian online or mobile casinos Canada. Their reputations are hugely important, and so they will make sure that they live up to their promises. If you are looking for the top level in mobile or online casino entertainment, you will do no better than the major sites. You will very quickly be able to pick up whether a site is of a lower quality, or whether it is the place you are going to keep returning to for some fun and entertainment. Of course, you can also leave reviews about a site to help other players in making their choices.

Mobile online sic bo Review

The Origins of Sic Bo

Sic bo originated hundreds of years ago in Ancient China. It is believed that sic bo was originally played with painted bricks that were thrown into the air before the game was played with dice. Because the name sic bo translates to dice pair it is also believed the game may have been played with two dice before it became a three dice game at a later stage. The dice were placed on a plate and covered with a bowl then shaken up while players predicted the outcome.

The game sic bo has been enjoyed throughout Asia for centuries and in the early twentieth century found its way to the West through Chinese migration. More recently sic bo has become a worldwide sensation since online casinos nz have made the enjoyment of sic bo easily accessible.

Enjoy Sic Bo on your Mobile

If you have not played sic bo before you have the opportunity to learn while enjoying a few practice rounds on your mobile device for free. This allows you to get a better understanding on how to place the bets and since mobile online sic bo is such a thrilling game to play you will want to keep on playing. Playing on your mobile gives you the opportunity to enjoy this exciting game at any time, so if you are feeling lucky while waiting for a meeting or on a long bus ride, you have the opportunity to have a go right then.

The Basics of Mobile Sic Bo

Mobile online sic bo is no different from the traditional sic bo, the same goal is to bet on the outcome of three rolled dice. Sic bo is mainly a game of chance but there are many betting options in which the player can use to increase the chances of a better outcome.

Since mobile online sic bo does not require skill, it is important to know the types of betting options and to use smart money management. Playing sic bo rather simple, once you are familiar with the rules of the bets, you place your desired wager on the betting table and roll the dice. If the results of the dice match your wager, you have won.

Some Types of Sic Bo Bets

Mobile online sic bo has many different betting options as well as a variety of odds and pay outs. The pay outs range from even money to 180-1, which is why it is vital to know the basics of betting and which options pay higher to up the odds of better wins.

You can bet on any triple, this is a winning bet regardless of which three numbers are rolled. Specific double is only won when the two specific numbers you bet on are rolled. A total bet is for the total points rolled the dice. Big bets are if the dice rolls on a total of eleven to seventeen and small bets total four to ten. Single bets are placed on any one specific number that wins if that number is rolled on any of the dice.

Mobile online sic bo is a highly thrilling dice game that involves little strategy or skill. The game is simple to use on your mobile device and any of your winning bets are tallied automatically and added to your bankroll.

Free Slot Machine Games Online Review

Slot machines are thought by many to symbolise the fun and thrill of a real casino experience. Just one look at the colourful slot machine display at your local land-based casino makes it easy to see why slots are a standard addition to casino floors across the globe. As the world of technology has progressed and become more and more dependent on computers, tablets and smartphones for both work and play, online casinos have become an increasingly popular medium through which to enjoy casino games.

Online casino players can now enjoy free slot machine games from any internet-connected computer or mobile phone of their choice. This is great news for even the busiest players, who can now enjoy a quality casino experience while on the move, without having to travel or adhere to casino opening hours. The best free slot machine games are available for play 24 hours a day at players’ leisure, whether they’re looking to play during a few spare minutes during work breaks or while on the train or whether they’re settled in for a night of budget-friendly casino game fun at home.

The Benefits of Free Slots Online

Free slot machine games are provided by online casinos for players’ enjoyment, but also as a way to introduce them to their casino software and games. Free games provide online players with a risk-free opportunity to explore various casinos and to find the casino with the right games and benefits for them. Casinos hope that by offering these games, they will persuade players with their great games to register a real money player account and play slots for real money online pokies, but the unlimited free credits offered by many online casinos means that players can enjoy uninterrupted free play for as long as they’d like. Players can use free slot machine games to their advantage to hone their slots game skills, learn more about payout lines and tips and even determine which games they may be interested in playing for real money in the future, all at no cost to them.

Numerous Great Games Available

The game selection at the best online casinos is phenomenal, spanning up to hundreds of free slot machine games. Each game has been created by top software providers like Playtech and Microgaming and has been designed for full compatibility with most popular computers, tablets and smartphones for a versatile slots experience. These games also feature gripping graphics and animation techniques that bring all the thrill of a real casino experience right to players’ fingertips. Playing these games couldn’t be easier, as players can either download their chosen free slot machine games straight onto their devices or play no-download games instantly from their internet browsers.

Big Free Slots Bonuses

Free online casino games also offer players unique bonus offers, including no deposit bonuses and free spins offers. Players can use these generous bonuses to extend their premium casino entertainment, and also to experience real money online slots play and even claim real money payouts, all without spending a cent of their own capital. In this way, free slot machine games offer players all the benefits of land-based slots as well as unique and tempting online bonuses and benefits, all while remaining friendly on their pockets while they play from the comfort of their internet-connected computers, tablets or mobile phones.

The Online Based Lucky Emperor Casino Reviews

There are definitely quite a few online casinos circling the ether that has come to be known as the internet. These casinos offer all manner of casino gaming options, including table games, slots, bingo and even some lottery games. Today players can enjoy these games across multiple platforms, from the comfort of their own homes and with minimal stress accessing and establishing an account across the wide range of online casinos. One such online casino is the Lucky Emperor Casino, which also offers a goodly range of possible casino offerings.

The different casino aspects that players can expect to find catered for at this Lucky Emperor Casino online includes a range of games, a solid support system, some security features, an established and transparent trust and other such benefits including some bonuses along the way. Here players will find loyalty programs, interactive gaming and some state of the art encryption software to afford the players some additional peace of mind when gaming online at this establishment. Overall there are a lot of different online casinos all offering a similar arrangement of these variables and so the ultimate choice of where to play online resides with the individual players and their preferences.

The Full Offering at Lucky Emperor Casino

When a player begins searching for an online casino to pick and play at there are a few categories through which they ultimately must consider some of the possibilities available online. These include games, trustworthiness, security, support and finally bonuses. Therefore we begin with the Lucky Emperor Casino games collection. Here at this casino the game focus seems to be mostly toward the more interactive gaming possibilities. These include the usual suspects of table games and slots but with a more deliberate focus on the gameplay than just the wins available ideally through said games.

The trust an online casino displays and garners from its community is paramount to its success. This is why Lucky Emperor Casino has made it such a priority, establishing independent auditors to investigate the fairness and RNG’s of the games whilst also being a part of the Interactive Gaming Council. The security parameters in place also coalesce with the trust trying to be established as both aim to generate player peace of mind during their online experience. Here this online casino has incorporated a 128 bit encryption system that seems to rather effective at securing player information and transactions.

Continuing with Lucky Emperor Casino Offers

The support offered to the player at most online casino Dubai is also crucial as this allows any queries to be raised as soon as possible. Here at this Lucky Emperor Casino the support teams are available all the time and through telephone contact free all over the world. The bonuses on offer through this online casino also help to invite players into the fold as they offer some rewarding extras like free plays and match bonuses on deposits. These all attempt to make the online experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible to the players.

In conclusion then, Lucky Emperor Casino is a good online based casino with most every one of the required online casino aspects that have become expected from the better half of these establishments. Add to this some responsible gaming efforts on the part of this establishment to keep the system fair and not too overwhelming for some as well as assistance in the regard to addiction of the gaming on offer. Overall not bad.

The Growth of Casino Games in Canada

The demand in Canada for all forms of online casino games has been huge, and is growing steadily. Casino play since the 90’s is huge and the quality of the technical advances has also been remarkable. These days you can find casinos in Canada in almost all the states, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. Authorised gambling is large and very varied. Online casinos are a fairly new development, dating from the last decade of the last century, and are a hugely growing industry.  They provide virtual casino recreation, and have come a long way in providing a comprehensively safe, fair, easy and fun experience for all Canadians.

A range of trendsetting gambling products have been introduced, from the usual range of casino games to a worldwide bingo network.  The casinos in Canada are known to be world leaders and are in the forefront of the new online gambling trend. Present games are available instantly on any technological device capable of tuning in to the internet, including smart phones. All the games have the same high standards of speed, sound effects and high class animation.

All Reel Games Growing in Popularity

Free slots Canada have been developed with the purpose of just choosing a game and clicking play, without any of the responsibility of deciding on the amount of money available for wagering. The game controls for these slots games are simple and easy to use and enjoy.

The free Slots game in particular, lends itself to exciting play, as slots are really played mainly for fun and enjoyment. Wagering in the casino can be stressful and worrying as there can be a limited amount of money available to be spent on gambling. Free slots, on the other hand, can be played in the peace and convenience of your own home, in the time that suits you, and there is nothing to be lost if lady luck does not smile on every spin of the wheel.

Even if the overall intention is to eventually play for real money and join the casino, these free versions are excellent for practice and to experience the atmosphere and nuances of the casino site before committing and signing up. In other words, for pure enjoyment, appreciation of casino games, and fun.

There are also a variety of the reel spinning games available in Canada, all of which are interesting and all provide high excitement and fun, without making a deposit.  Most people love playing a slots game, with the difference in the form of payouts adding an additional layer of interest. Free online slots Singapore are among the main sources of entertainment for players who enjoy online casino games.

Results and Benefits

The result of the free slots games is that through easy, stress free practising and playing the games for free, makes the players highly proficient at them, and they develop a thorough understanding and appreciation of the strategies of different casino games. It will also be well worth the time taken to investigate any different offers of special bonuses that are sometimes available from online casinos, to encourage the number of new clients.

Free slots Canada are a definite advance to the variety and availability of online casino games, and are fast becoming the most popular of all. The advantage of playing without undergoing any financial obligation, but without losing any of the fun and adventure, is becoming more and more obvious to all Canadians.

No Deposit Bingo Available Online to all Enthusiasts

Because of the amazing advance of modern technology, online and mobile games are now available to everyone with a mobile device. The range of entertainment options is huge, and supplies the fun of playing the games in the comfort of our own home. So much is now available without any effort of the part of the aspiring player that many people are choosing to find their adventures at home. Certainly the internet these days can supply almost anything in the form of entertainment anyone could desire. The average tablet is big enough to convey all the excitement of the live casino, and small enough to provide that excitement even on a train or in a car.

Taking Advantage of Bonuses

This is the perfect time to take advantage of the multitude of welcome bonuses, free play game offers, and even the no deposit bonuses that are offered by many of the online casino sites. These offers appear regularly on the game sites, and are well worth taking up. For any player wishing to experience the thrill of casino gambling, yet still being cautious about the risk of spending much money, these bonuses are a real advantage.

Casinos have a wide range of games for people to choose from, including the ever popular bingo. Bingo has been played for centuries, and is now available in more than ninety countries. One of the good attributes of online bingo is that it can be played anywhere, clubs, church halls and now online too. Being a game of chance, it is easy to play and does not require much learning of rules or strategies, and appeals to young and old.

Exciting Offers of Bonuses

The no deposit bingo bonus is offered by most online casinos, in an effort to encourage players to sign up at that specific site. It is also created so that anybody contemplating a flutter on a casino game would be intrigued by this offer, and visit that site. It will enable the beginner an opportunity to play a game, compare the various different versions of the game, and play some rounds before risking his own money. Being able to test the site, the poker rooms or the card tables before any commitment, is something all new players will appreciate. The no deposit bingo bonus is greatly appreciated.

How to Qualify for a No Deposit Bonus

In order to qualify for a no deposit bonus, all that needs to be done is to register a casino account and start playing for real. Before making any deposit or even providing credit card details, new customers receive their bonus. They are also not even required to place a wager or fund their accounts.

This no deposit bingo offer is delivered in one of two forms. It can be used as a set amount of casino money that players can spend on their own choice of game, or it can be given as a number of free spins on one particular game. Both offers carry the same value, and any winnings gleaned on the free spins can be used to bet on other games too. Sometimes there are restrictions placed on these free offers, and it makes sense to find out about them first. They can vary from casino to casino.

Diamond Queen Online Video Slot

Diamond Queen, developed and produced by IGT as both a land-based and instant-play online Video Slots machine, features 5 reels and 20 playable paylines. The betting range is 0.01 to 10 per payline bet, and wagers can be made in Pounds, Euros or US Dollars.

The theoretical RTP is 92.97% to 96.08%, and the top Jackpot in the regular game is 1,000 credits per line bet, or 20,000 credits if all paylines are active. For busy players who want to cram in as much action as possible, the Auto Spin feature allows the reels to keep turning automatically as they carry on with other things, while the Free Play mode allows the game to be played or no deposit. This gives players a chance to get comfortable and build confidence before they stake any real money.

Game Layout and Design

Diamond Queen has the atmosphere of a fairy tale or Arthurian legend, compete with ornately worked reels and magical-sounding background music. The standard playing card symbols of J, Q, K and A are the lower-value icons on the reels, while a Wizard, Apprentice, Sceptre, Tiara and the game logo make up the higher-value regular reel symbols.

Winning combinations are accompanied by impressive animations, and players can choose the resolution they most prefer for these and other game features to function well. The Best mode shows off the visuals at their finest, but the slots NZ game’s performance may suffer depending on what machine it’s being played on. The High setting is the default but is lower-quality than the Best mode, while the Medium setting is lower than the High. Graphics are most degraded in the Low mode, but this does ensure smooth animations and gameplay on slower devices.

Special Features and Bonus Games

The Diamond Queen herself is the game’s Wild Symbol, able to substitute for any regular reel symbol and make up winning combinations. In the base game, the Wild Symbol does not appear on Reel 1. The Mystical Diamond Bonus Scatter Symbol is the only icon that the Queen can’t stand in for, and appears on Reels 2 to 4 only.

Scatter wins are awarded when the symbols appear in the centre of Reels 2, 3 or 4 on any activated paylines, and any 2 will double the payout. When 3 appear the Mystical Diamond Free Spins Bonus Round is triggered. Here, like many of the Bonus Rounds in IGT’s Video Slots games, wins are guaranteed thanks to the game’s special features. The Round introduces Stacked Wilds, so that the entire second reel is Wild for the first spin and then locked, followed by the third reel in the second spin and the fourth reel in the third. Extra Spin symbols on the first reel trigger additional free spins with the Stacked Wilds that are currently locked, and up to 20 of these additional free turns can be earned. When the Bonus Round is finished, players are returned to the Diamond Queen base game and their Free Spin takings are added to the win total.

Review on The Caribbean Super Lotto’s Participating Countries

There are a number of exotic Caribbean and Latin American locations that are currently involved in all aspects of the Caribbean Super Lotto game. These countries and islands include Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda, Anguilla, Antigua, St Maarten, St Kitts & Nevis, the US Virgin Islands and Paraguay.

Brief History of the Caribbean Super Lotto

The Caribbean’s first super lotto game was introduced on the 25th of August in 2009 by the Supreme Ventures Limited Company. Initially Antigua, Anguilla, Jamaica, Bermuda, Barbados, St Maarten and St Kitts & Nevis were the main countries to participate but in 2010 the US Virgin Islands joined in and Paraguay joined in 2014. The Dominican Republic was a participating country but they withdrew from the super lotto game in 2015.

About the Caribbean Super Lotto Game

The Caribbean Super Lotto is a Powerball type lotto game and offers a multi-jurisdictional jackpot prize. It is the first of this type of lottery to be available to play in both the Caribbean Islands and Latin America. There are many similarities between the Caribbean Super Lotto game and that of the Mega millions or Euro millions lotto games, namely being the fact that the super lotto game is funded by a number of different countries and islands that pool together the lotto ticket sales to create one main jackpot prize. The Caribbean Super Lotto ticket sales are pooled together from a variety of Caribbean and Latin American countries and islands.

How to Play the Caribbean Super Lotto

Lotto fans can play this exotic lotto game by selecting five random numbers out of a batch of thirty five numbers. These are numbered from one to thirty five. An additional bonus number can be selected from a different batch of numbers. The batch of bonus numbers are numbered from one to ten. For the players who wish to have their numbers selected for them, they can use the quick pick feature where a random number generator will select the numbers. Sports betting NZ is regarded as one of the rewarding by gamblers but participating Caribbean Super Lotto players are able to see if they have selected any numbers that match the live drawn winning numbers after the live draws have taken place every Tuesday and Friday evening. The winning numbers are drawn using a fair and secure random number generator. These numbers are displayed online almost immediately after the live draw has taken place.

The Caribbean Super Lotto Jackpot Prize

The initial Caribbean Super Lotto main jackpot prize starts at about 5.346 million dollars. All the winning prizes are converted to the specific country’s local currency depending on which of the countries or islands the winner is located. The main jackpot prize is usually paid out within one week of the live draw taking place and any of the winning secondary prizes may take a little longer, even up to two weeks. The lucky winners of the main jackpot prize have a choice to either receive the jackpot amount in one lump sum upfront or they can opt to have the jackpot prize paid to them in guaranteed annual instalments which will be paid to them for about twenty nine years.

Kronos Online Slots Game by WMS Gaming

Kronos is a multi-reeled super stacked online slots game by WMS Gaming and part of the G+ Deluxe series. This online slots game has many similarities to the Zeus online slots game which is another creation of WMS Gaming. Both of the games themes are based on Greek mythology where they feature well known Titan gods. Both games’ sound effects, graphics and symbols are much the same.

The greatest differences between the two slots games are that Kronos allows winning combinations to run from both left to right and right to left and the game requires three or more consecutive symbols in order to count as a winning combination or trigger bonus rounds while the Zeus online slots game allows two or more symbols.

Kronos Online Slots Game Features

Kronos is a five reel online slot with twenty different pay lines. There is a limit of only a one coin bet per pay line but the coin’s value can vary. The different coin value ranges from 0.01 to 3.00. The online slots game features an auto play button which allows the reels to spin automatically for a predetermined number of times and a WMS Gaming quick bet function to place set bets automatically.

Kronos Graphics and Slots Symbols

Based on the story of the Titan leader who had overthrown his own father, Uranus, to become leader before legend dictated he would suffer the same fate from one of his own children. After destroying all of his children his wife ran off and birthed Zeus who was destined to fulfil the prophecy. Besides the impact of online betting NZ offers and bonuses, Kronos follows the mythological theme where the dark blue reels are set on a cloudy sky background.

There is a deep booming sound that comes from the heavens when bonus symbols land or winning combinations hit. The lower valued symbols are the playing card suits as opposed to the standard value of the cards. Apart from the suits the reels display themed symbols including the Titan leader himself, his large golden throne, and the Greek god’s temple in the sky, a white Pegasus, a jewelled golden bracelet and a golden medallion amongst others.

Kronos Wilds and Free Spins Feature

The golden lion door knocker acts as the Kronos wild symbol. The wild symbol can be used to form a winning combination on an active pay line by replacing any other symbol apart from the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol is represented by the Kronos golden medallion that displays the letter K. Three or more golden medallions appearing anywhere on the reels will activate the free spins bonus round. Ten free spins are awarded for three golden medallions, twenty five free spins are awarded for four golden medallions and a maximum of one hundred free spins are awarded for five golden medallions. Extra and stacked wilds appear during the free spins bonus round and the free spins feature can be re triggered on any free spin if three or more golden medallions appear across the reels. All winning combinations during the free spins bonus run left to right and right to left.