Marilyn Monroe Online Slots Game

Marilyn Monroe is an online video slot based on the ever-famous American actress and model, Marilyn Monroe. The Hollywood star was famous for her roles as a dumb blonde, but more so for being one of the most loved sex symbols of the 1950s.

This online slot features a number of tributes to Marilyn Monroe, with images of all things glitz and glamour prevalent throughout the game. This game is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot and has a number of bonus features, including stacked wilds, scatter pays, free spins and multipliers.

User-Friendly Accessibility

Along with a consistent theme, Marilyn Monroe slots feature attractive, poli poker,  well-illustrated graphics and an interface that proves easy to navigate.

The game is set against an illustrated skyline at sunset, with Las Vegas-style neon signs creating an attractive scene.

There are a number of various buttons that sit just below the reels and allow players to choose the number of bet lines they wish to play, determine the pet per line, bet the maximum amount allowed by the game and more.

Marilyn Monroe Slot Symbols

The symbols in the Marilyn Monroe slots are visually appealing and in tune with the game’s theme. From high value symbols to the classic casino symbols used, this game screams lights, camera, action!

The high value symbols are comprised of imagery of Marilyn Monroe herself, as well as her star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Magazine covers and posters and an old cinema projector. Lower value symbols are made up of the high value classic cards including the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 symbols.

The bonus symbols contain imagery of Marilyn Monroe famously laughing (and is the game’s wild) as well as a neon logo that is the scatter symbol and triggers the backstage bonus.

Marilyn Monroe Wild

The Marilyn Monroe wild symbol substitutes for all symbols, excluding the scatter icon. The game also has a separate payout for a player that receives 2 or more wilds on an active payline. This prize is paid out in place of the regular symbol win if the amount awarded from wilds is larger than a win from regular symbols.

The online slot also features stacked wilds, meaning they can appear in groups of 2 or 3 in a single reel, and a wild standing in a winning combination will double the payout.

Marilyn Monroe Scatter

The neon logo scatter symbols pay if there are 2 or more scatters in any position on the reels. The payout is then multiplied by the total bet and then added to any payline winnings that may have occurred.

When a player receives 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels during the base game, then the Backstage Bonus feature is activated.

Backstage Bonus

Once a player has triggered the Backstage Bonus they will receive 10 Free Games and a 2 times multiplier. Players are prompted to pick 2 out of 5 pictures of Marilyn Monroe in order to win 5, 10, or 25 additional free games, an additional multiplier of x2, x3, or x5, or extra free games plus a multiplier increase.

Bonus Free Games

If 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels during the Free Games round, 35 more Free Games with the same multiplier will be awarded, creating a great chance at receiving multiple free games and therefore bigger wins.

Monster Mania Online Slots in Detail

A somewhat unique combination of classic and modern slot styles, Monster Mania is an online flat-top video slot machine that follows a light-hearted theme based around monsters that are not necessarily scary, but rather goofy.

This game features 5 reels and up to 9 paylines, with few bonus features that include the standard wilds and scatter symbols. This slot can be played for free or for real money, with a jackpot of 2000 coins available for players that hold the right winning combinations.

Theme and Interface

Monster Mania slots display simple yet attractive graphics, with the use of eye-catching, bright colours and charming characters. The direction used with regards to these graphics essentially pulls the theme together and provides consistency throughout gameplay.

As a testimony to classic casino slot machines, Monster Mania also incorporates fruit symbols into the base game, along with the aforementioned illustrated monster characters. The background behind the game’s reels is an extremely simple one that simply uses the slots primary colours to display a pattern.

Players will find that navigation proves fairly easy when it comes to Monster Mania gameplay, with only a few action buttons resting below the game’s reels just similar to online slots real money Canada. With these buttons, players are able to discover information on paytables, determine how much they are going to bet, with the minimum 0.25 coins and the maximum bet at 18, select the number of lines and play the maximum bet allowed and much more.

Monster Mania Symbols

The symbols featured in Monster Mania further highlight the consistency in theme with the use of the little monsters themselves and well-illustrated fruit symbols. The symbols are made up of higher value, bonus and lower value symbols.

The high value symbols are the different monsters, including imagery of an orange worm, a green eyeball, a blue critter, an orange and blue razor-backed creature and a cross-eyed furry green monster.

The green monster is the highest paying symbol and pays 1000 times a player’s stake when 5 appear on an active payline. The lower value symbols are comprised of the fruit illustrations and include a banana, grapes, watermelon slices, an orange and a half-eaten apple.

Monster Mania Wild

Monster Mania slots don’t necessarily hold a large number of bonus features and no separate bonus games at all, further proving that the developers went for a semi-classic style, however it does have a beneficial wild symbol.

The wild symbol in this game displays a large mouth with the word Wild making up the teeth and can essentially substitute for all other symbols except for the scatter symbol.

Monster Mania Scatter Brain Symbol

Aside from the wild symbols, Monster Mania also helps players achieve higher wins with the use of the popular and commonly used scatter pays for online pokies nz.

The scatter symbol displays an extremely quirky choice of words and is known as the Scatter Brain symbol. This symbol appears in all reels and shows an exposed brain set atop a pair of bright and somewhat enticing eyes and a cheesy blue grin.

The scatter symbols will pay out when 3 or more of them appear anywhere on the reels, in a single spin.

Online Pachinko – Understanding Online Pachinko

Online pachinko is a Japanese gambling game that has been optimised for players to seize the opportunity to play one of the most popular games in Japanese gaming culture, without necessarily having to leave their homes.

Pachinko originally surfaced as a gambling machine that shows many similarities to other popular games including pinball, video slot machines, and the ever-famous game of pool. Pachinko has fast become something of cultural phenomenon in Japan, where various Pachinko parlours are now available.

The Evolution of Online Pachinko

Since its peak in popularity the game has since been introduced across the globe, with many land-based casinos adding it to their collection of available games, as well as a number of virtual casinos that now offer online pachinko.

Online pachinko machines will typically vary in design and means of operating, however the rules generally remain largely similar. In contrast to a considerable number of slots that can be found in online echeck casino Canada or all over the world.

Moreover, the creative take and combination of a few commonly played games has helped increase the popularity of Pachinko. Today the move to capitalize on this interest has been made by a number of software developing companies, giving players the opportunity to play online pachinko from their compatible devices.

Online Pachinko Gameplay

In contrast to many of the slot machines that can be found online, pachinko offers a traditional penny slot fee, with aspects of pinball and pool prevalent throughout the game. Much like in pinball the aim of the game is to launch the ball up and try to receive as big of a win possible as it begins to fall.

Online pachinko then draws from the game of pool in the fact the type of shot will determine a player’s winnings. Similar to other casino games, online pachinko requires players to place a bet on what they determine the outcome will be, with various bets available per ball.

Players can easily navigate their way around an online pachinko game, all providing an interface that offers a button to launch the ball as opposed to the original lever in land-based machines, as well as an auto shoot button that launches multiple balls at once.

Typically there are a number of holes (but always at least one Start Hole) shown in the middle of the table. Landing a ball in a hole results in the on-screen reels spinning, which subsequently awards a player according to a predetermined paytable.

The History of Pachinko

First built in the 1920s, pachinko machines are said to have been based on a children’s toy named the Corinth game that was originally based on the American table game of bagatelle. It is also said to have drawn inspiration from Japanese billiards that were introduced in the 18th century in Western Europe.

After surfacing in Nagoya somewhere around the 1930s, it has since spread into most of Japan, as well as many other parts of the world. During the time of the second World War, every single one of the pachinko parlours in Japan were closed, however re-emerged in the 1940s with the first commercial parlour opened in 1948.

From then up until the 1980s, pachinko was only available for play on a mechanical device with the balls being launched using a flipper and electricity only used to indicate problems with flashing lights. Nowadays, online pachinko has created unlimited access to one of Japan’s best-loved games.

Pathological Gambling- Signs of Pathological Gambling and Gambling Addiction

Pathological Gambling

Gambling can be an entertaining hobby, fun way to spend an evening, or even a great social activity. But there are, without question, those who have ruined their financial situation, and even family life, with pathological gambling. The act of pathological gambling, classified as an addictive disorder, is extremely dangerous and not to be taken lightly. As with drug abuse, some people can descend into a mental state where it is very difficult for them to resist the urge to perform an action they know to be destructive, such as gambling. This can result in the person behaving irrationally, such as spending money needed for other debts, or even selling assets to obtain funds for gambling. Thankfully, the vast majority of casinos are bound by law to not allow those with gambling addiction to even enter their premises. It is still, however, a very real problem across the world, with sufferers of addiction based gambling far more common then some assume.

Common Symptoms Of Pathological Gambling

As with drug addiction, a pathological gambler can be recognised by certain common behaviours. The first of these behaviours, and most common, is a person who lies about their intentions of going to gamble. Others will often have told this person they need to stop gambling, as it is becoming an obvious problem. In response, the person will make an excuse about where they are going, but instead head off to the local casino or other gambling establishment. This indicates a change in the person’s psychology, as they are beginning to associate gambling as a more important priority then those that care for them. It is not time to panic yet, however, as some people do this simply as a way to find time for themselves, when feeling smothered by family life.

A more serious and obvious symptom is when the person begins to have financial difficulty due to gambling debts. If at anytime a person cannot afford to pay standard costs, such as rent, because they have lost that money gambling, and they say they will win the money back with more gambling, it may now be time to start waving the red flags. A golden rule is that the notion of earning back gambling debts with more gambling is the worst thing anyone can consider. Gambling online NZ is not a guaranteed source of income, and should always be treated that way, without question.

Getting Help

Being worried about a person who is pathological gambling is natural, but helping them is a difficult and delicate matter. Interventions, often seen in movies ad sitcoms, are a good idea, but need to be handled with care. Anyone being faced by a room of friends expressing their concern, can easily be overwhelmed, and their reaction negative. It is often a far better idea to talk to the person one on one, in private, without the pressure of a dozen faces. It is far more common that the person admit to the problem when not feeling attacked. Once the person admits the problem, the road to recovery is not so difficult as is often perceived. Gambling, thankfully, is not the horror show that heroine addiction can be, but is still a substantial hurdle.

Review of Valley of the Scarab Online Slots

Welcome to the Egyptian desert, step into the dark burial tomb of the pharaohs, located in the Valley of the Scarab. Valley of the Scarab is a 5 reel, 100 pay line slot game by Cryptologic’s. The game is set in an ancient Egyptian temple. The walls are covered in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. In the background you can see the Nile valley and two pyramids, setting the scene for this uniquely themed slot.

You can set your own wager value for your coins, from as little as $0.01 all the way up to $10. The amounts of coins you can wager are limited to 100 coins, with a one coin limit on each pay line. You will find multipliers, bonus rounds and fee spins on the slots. The game features beautiful artwork and music to create a great atmosphere for slots.

Hieroglyphs And Holy Men

The symbols on the slot for Valley of the Scarab are styled to fit with the Egyptian theme and cover a range of recognizable Egyptian religious artefacts. All symbols pay out starting with minimum of three matching symbols. You get a pharaoh symbol and a queen symbol that pays out between 25 and 500 coins. They are followed by the head of Ra and a sacred cat, which both pay out between 10 and 250 coins. Besides the benefits of playing on the online casino Malaysia, The book of the dead and a sarcophagus pays out 200 coins for five matches in a row. Finally there is the low value symbols made up of 10, jacvk, queen, king and ace. Kings and Aces pay out between 5 and 125 coins while the 10 jack and queen offers 5 to 100 coins for matches.

Finally there is the golden scarab symbol worth 750 coins for five matches, 250 coins for three matches and 30 coins for three matching symbols. This symbol also acts as the game’s wild. The Anubis symbol is the game’s scatter symbol and will trigger Valley of the Scarab’s free spins round.


The Scarab Wild

The scarab beetle symbols acts as the wild symbol in the game so it will substitute any other symbol except the Anubis scatter symbol. If you manage to get 20 scarabs to land on all the positions on the reels, you will be awarded with a 5x multiplier.

The Anibus Scatter Symbol

The Anibus bonus is triggered by landing three Anubis symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5. As soon as the free spins trigger you will be rewarded with two times your total bet. You will get 7 free spins from the matching Anubis symbols, each spin being rewarded with a random multiplier between 2 and 8. Free spins will retrigger if you land more Anubis symbols, with a maximum free spins total of 98 spins.

Placing Your Wagers

It is recommended that you try play at least 5 pay lines to ensure the best payouts. This will only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 so it makes sense to also wager on the two adjacent reels. Your wins are multiplied by your wager amounts so Valley of the Scarab gives you a host of ways to play, using its 100 pay lines systems.

Wonder Woman Slots – Free Online Casino Slot

Quick, to the Invisible Jet!

Wonder Woman first appeared in DC Comics in the 1940’s, perhaps to tie in with the rising appreciation for women filling in in other areas of American social life, as part of the war effort. At any rate, with her variety of weapons and gadgets, her awesome superpowers, and her nemeses taken straight out of Greek mythology, she struck a chord with girls who didn’t identify with the traditional female roles in comic books (grateful victim, mostly), and boys who were not averse to the appearance of an Amazon goddess in patriotic costume.


Perhaps a little disappointingly, the basic symbols that appear on the 5 reels of this 4 line slot are the 9,10, J, Q, K and Ace symbols, although rendered in an airbrushed metal finish that captures the artwork of the genre, and accompanied by some WW icons. Higher paying symbols include the Invisible Jet (which must be a little awkward to park, surely?) the Greek temple, and the figures of Artemis and Ares. Diana herself is the Wild symbol, animated deflecting enemy bullets from her indestructible bracelets, and the iconic Wonder Woman symbol functions as the Scatter, triggered when three or more of these appear. While the Wild symbol has no value of its own, it does function as a 2x multiplier on all wins, and can appear on all but the first reel.

Bonus Features

Three or more Wild symbols activate Free Spins, during which Wonder Woman Wild appearances will hold the reels for five more spins. Two Scatters will reward you with an instant payout, while three or more of these will activate the next feature.


Like other Cryptologic titles, Wonder Woman features a Bonus Bet feature, effectively maximising the number of coins in play, and adding a further 10 lines, effectively making 60 paylines. With this activated, all Scatter payouts are multiplied by 50: it also allows the Ares Showdown feature to be triggered. In this arcade style feature, Ares attacks Wonder Woman twice before unleashing his zombie horde: if she defeats him, you can win up to 100 times the original triggering bet.

Bets range from 0, 01 to 20 coins per line, giving a maximum bet of 1000 coins per spin: combined with the Bonus Bet feature and its potential multiplier, this game can give a great return on your investment!

A Thing Of Wonder

With upcoming film appearances in Batman vs. Superman, and her own feature, Wonder Woman is once more hot property: this real money slots Canada game pays homage more to the character’s image of yore, with her red, white and blue costume, and the flags waving in the background. The audio features of the game do leave a little to be desired, unfortunately, but the animation is good and the game play is smooth. The high payout and separate Bonus screen add a dimension to the playing experience: this is a great accompaniment to other superhero themed Cryptologic titles, and should provide plenty of entertainment for fans of the character and slots alike.

Call of Duty 4 Slots Game Examined

Call of Duty 4 has already given rise to two sequels and several spinoffs, set in the near future, as you assume the different roles of soldiers engaged in global operations: it was the first in the franchise to depart from the setting of World Wars, and is regarded by some as the best of the entire Activision catalogue. Cryptologic has done a fine job in using symbols and characters familiar to fans of the game, as well as fantastic animations that should win some new ones.

Risks and Rewards

Call of Duty 4 is a standard 5 reel, 25  payline slot, with a non-progressive jackpot, and a massive potential maximum jackpot of 100 000$. Betting options range from 0, 01 to 500$, so all levels of player are catered for, and there is also a free mode, if you really just want to enjoy the action of the game. Like all Cryptologic slots, it is well laid out and instinctive when it comes to first playing.


State-of-the-art Symbols

The online slots Australia game uses recognizable iconography from the original First Person Shooter, with clips, Claymores, grenades and gas masks all appearing. At the higher value levels, there’s also the ubiquitous Kalashnikov rifle and a view down a sniper’s scope, while the Substitute (as Cryptologic terms their Wild symbols) is the image of a standing soldier, firing his weapon, which can substitute for all except the Scatter symbol. 5 of these soldiers in a winning line will give a payout of 5000 coins, while any winning line containing one of these doubles in value.

The Scatter symbol is that of the original cover art of the game: three of these trigger the Bonus feature, which is based on the FPS game itself, and unlike many slot features requires some skill. You will play a soldier, and be rewarded with free spins for every enemy that you hit, with the value depending on your accuracy. This bonus feature also has air strike multipliers of 3, 4 or 5 during the free spins, as well as adding to the value of each enemy killed.

Epic Animations

An additional feature of Call of Duty is the animation that takes place on screen after certain spins: soldiers plant mines and fling grenades, the detonation of which cause more Wild symbols to appear, and the values of lines to change.

As can be expected from a slot based on such a thrilling and popular game, the animation and sound effects are all first rate, and the background music is stirring and effective. Like the original game, it is wholly engaging, and players seeking a relaxing slot experience might find it a bit intense, and demanding of concentration. Fans of the genre, however, will be pleased at how faithful Cryptologic has remained to the game, as well as the fact that the Bonus round is Skill as well as Chance based,  and the potential winnings are of a similarly epic quality. All round, it’s a juggernaut of a game.

The Black Knight 2 Video Slot Game Reviewed

Black Knight 2 is the sequel to the original Black Knight video slot game by WMS Gaming. Both versions first became popular as land based slot machines and have been just as great a hit online. Even though the theme of both online casino Singapore slot games have the same basis, the Black Knight 2 video slot has been overhauled and has some new and improved game features, brighter and more colourful graphics and slightly more realistic looking characters than the usual cartoonish imagery of the original.

The Black Knight 2 online video slot has a total of forty pay lines which are ten more than its predecessor had. The video slot features the standard five reels and unlike the three rows of the original slot this one has four rows to make space for the increased number of pay lines.


The Medieval Story of the Black Knight

The Black Knight 2 centres on a historical Arthurian style tale where the brave knight fights for his king, his kingdom and the honour of a fair maiden. All of the visuals of the game portray a medieval setting and the sound effects add to the theme with sounds of fighting warriors being played in the background. All of the symbols upon the reels relate to the story of the game and show images of the knight himself; the king; the princess; a court jester; a crown; jewels; high valued playing cards and more.

Three or more standard symbols need to land in a row on an active pay line in order to pay out and they must run from the furthest left reel towards the right. Bets per spin can start at a value of 0.40 up to the maximum value of 120 when all forty pay lines are activated and pay outs are paid according to the game’s pay table.

The Black Knight 2 Slot Wild Symbol

The Black Knight 2 wild symbol is represented by the knight himself. The knight symbol will only ever appear on the second; third and fourth reels but when it does it can act as a substitute for any of the symbols, including the bonus scatter symbol, when a winning combination is possible on a pay line. When the knight symbol lands on any of the middle three reels it will expand to cover the entire reel to add to the possible winning combinations.

The Scatter Symbol and Free Spins Round

When three or more of the scatter symbols land in any position on the reels the Black Knight 2 free spins bonus round is triggered and seven free spins are awarded with 1x multipliers. The scatter symbols are the ones that display the knight’s golden shield. During the free spins bonus round the wild knight symbols also become expanding wilds and cover the entire reel of which they landed on. When this happens on a free spin the wild reel will become sticky and remain wild until the end of the free spins bonus round. More free spins cannot be re-triggered during this bonus round.

Dragons Inferno Slot Examined

The art for Dragons Inferno slot is a striking comic style with bright, vivid colours, and detailed characters. Set in a mythical time where dragons ruled the skies and great heroes such as magical sorcerers, brave knights and skilled archers fought to defeat them. Dragons Inferno slot by Williams Interactive has five reels and thirty paylines, along with several bonus features.

The dragons featured in Dragons Inferno are from the European tradition and not from the Chinese or Asian tradition. The word dragon comes from the Latin word draconem which literally translates into huge serpent and the Greek word drakon which means giant sea fish. Dragons were originally thought of as legless serpents, but during the Middle Ages, they started to get illustrated and spoken about as having legs. This made them seem more like lizards than snakes.

The dragon from Europe has wings that grow out of its back and resemble bat wings. If it has wings but only one pair of legs, it’s called a wyvern. Dragons from the European tradition are often seen hording masses of treasure from the prying fingers of those daring enough to try and take it. This is where we find the dragon in Dragons Inferno, and why this mythical beast is mostly popular among the real money slot Philippines game.

The reel background in this game is a bright, swirling cauldron of orange and red lava. Bordering the lava are jagged rocks. At the top is the player’s total balance. At the bottom, on a gold plaque, the lines, bet per line, total bet and win are shown. There’s also a blue button with a white arrow that the player uses to start the spin, as well as the formula used to calculate the total bet. This formula is lines multiplied by bet per line to equal the total bet. The reel itself, where all of the game’s symbols are displayed, is surrounded in a gold trim and has a blue and white gradient background.


Dragons Inferno Reel Symbols

The reel in this game features both human characters as well as artefacts that the heroes can use to help defeat the dragon. The first human character is the archer. He is dressed in a green and brown vest with a white shirt, a green hat, and is holding a bow and arrow at full draw. He resembles the legendary hero Robin Hood. The second human character is the game is the sorceress. She has blonde hair, a jewelled necklace and is dressed in pink. She is seen casting a powerful spell. The third human character is a knight outfitted in full armour and holding a blue flaming sword. The background is a dungeon gate with blue mist.

Other symbols include a leather tome which is gilded in gold, a red potion with red background, a crystal ball held in the talons of an eagle, and a green sword with a misty green background. Next is the giant pile of treasure which serves as the wild. There are also the traditional symbols of a purple club, a red heart, a pink diamond, and a blue spade. Finally, there is the dragon symbol. It is portrayed as a large, scaled, winged beast with a fiery background.

Bonus Features

If the red dragon appears on reel three, the replicating wild feature is triggered.

Free spins are triggered when the player has three or more of the dragons that show up scattered anywhere across the reel.

Firestorm Slot – Play Free Casino Slot Machine Games

About Firestorm Slot

Software developer Quickspin has delivered another traditional online slots game, this time themed around the Aztecs. Players familiar with Quickspin and their games will quickly recognise the layout and gameplay of Firestorm slot, albeit with a different skin and unique features. This will be a boon to players experienced with Quickspin games, but thanks to mechanics that are easy to learn and understand, new players will adjust quickly. Many will find the Aztec themes pleasant to view, with ancient ruins and a jungle in the background, as well as a variation of different symbols.

Firestorm Slot Gameplay

Firestorm slot features 25 paylines and 5 reels, allowing for traditional slot gameplay. Additionally, Firestorm slot contains a minigame that can be activated when certain conditions are met during spins. With a quick skim of the layout of Firestorm slot, players can quickly acquaint themselves with the different buttons and how they function. First and foremost are the play and autoplay buttons, which can be found in the bottom right hand corner. The play button can be clicked to manually start spins, while the autoplay button is used to automatically start spins as many times as the player wishes.


Before any gameplay can take place, however, players can use the betting options to choose the wager that suits them best. Bets start at 0.25 and max out at 250, with the bet per line display showing how much a player can potentially earn per line. Once the game has started, the reels will spin and land on a random symbol per reel, and winning means landing a certain combination. There are many combinations available, and every symbol has a specific value in the game, all which can be seen upon clicking the paytable button.

Firestorm Slot Symbols and Bonus Features

The plain jewel symbols in Firestorm slot are the basic symbols of the game, with each having a specific value. Additionally, jewel symbols that are set in silver and gold and that sparkle tend to have higher values than their plainer counterparts.

Wild symbols are also present in the game, and can be used to substitute other symbols in the game, apart from the burning mask symbols. Firestorm slot also features unique symbols in the form of burning masks. Upon landing at least two of these burning masks during the spin will result in the player receiving respins. Respins will freeze the burning mask symbols in place, and after starting the spin again and landing more burning masks, players will receive a high multiplier to any winnings, with six of these mask equating to a multiplier of 5 times. Players should note that not landing more of these symbols during the+ respin will cause the respin to end, and normal gameplay to resume.

Firestorm Slot Basics

Featuring Aztec themes, various options, and uncomplicated gameplay, Firestorm slot will find itself a favourite among many online slot enthusiasts, as well as more casual players for real money slots Philippines game. The game can be played free for a limited time on a number of different sites online.