Online Bingos Australia Game Availability For Australians

There are many online casinos that cater to Australian players, based both in Australia itself and internationally. Casinos offering online bingos Australia games accept Australian players from all states, including South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland, allowing them to play real money bingo games in their own currency of AUS$ without additional foreign currency costs. To access online bingos Australia games, players will simply need to complete a short online registration process with their online casino of choice, and have a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection with which to play.

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Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Online Slots Reviews

As would be expected from the name, the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe slots game is an under the ocean adventure, in which players can win up to 90,000 coins. With 5 reels, and 10 paylines, as well as free spins on offer, this game does provide a good level of quality entertainment. Symbols that players will come across in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe slots game include a clam with a glowing pearl, brightly colored fish, a lobster, as well as other number and letter symbols, including 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. With tiny bubbles, seaweed, and colorful corals forming the background to the game, along with an appropriate soundtrack, this game is simple to play, but still entertaining.

Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Paytable

For full details on what all the symbols are, players can refer to the paytable that goes along with the online slots Australia game. The paytable button is located at the bottom of the game interface, and players can access this at any stage. The paytable will also indicate what the various winning combinations are , and what players should aim for to get the biggest wins. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe slot game also provides an autoplay button. This is useful if you would like to make sure that the reels keep spinning, but you are unable to actually sit in front of the game and hit or tap the spin button all the time. The autoplay option can be switched on or off at any point that suits the player.

Players of Dolphins Pearl Deluxe are able to manually set the number of lines they wish to bet on, as well as set the coin value or the bet per line. This makes the game customizable to players of various budgets, or players who have slightly different playing strategies.

In particular, the dolphin symbol is a wild symbol, and functions in a similar way that wild symbols from other games function. However, the dolphin symbol is also able to double all wins.

In addition to the standard mode of play in Dolphins Pearl Deluxe, there is a mini game or a bonus feature that players are able to activate at certain stages in the game. In order to trigger the bonus feature, a player must get three of the pearl symbols to reveal themselves anywhere on the reels. As soon as this happens, the player will be awarded 15 free spins to use in the game, as well as a 3x multiplier which can quite dramatically increase your winnings.

Win Real Money with Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

In order to win real money prizes when playing Dolphins Pearl Deluxe slots, players will need to make a deposit into their virtual playing account. Typically there are numerous options available for players to make this deposit. In the same way, if you have been able to accumulate some winnings, it is generally quite easy to cash out and get your hands on those winnings. The game can also be tried in no deposit mode, which really means that the game can be played for free. However, in this mode, players cannot win real money prizes.

The New South Wales Lottery

Australians have always been enthusiastic Lottery players, and the New South Wales game has been running successfully since 1930. The Lottery is still owned by the state, but it has been operated by the Tatt Group Limited under a 40-year exclusive licence since 2010.

The Tatt Group runs all the NSW Lottery games through a network of land-based agents such as newsagents, as well as through several online sites. Some of the NSW Lottery games are run by the organisation itself, while others on offer are syndicates that are actually offered by interstate Lottery organisations in Australia. This gives players a satisfying range of Lotto options. Continue reading

Safety, Security and User Friendliness is an Online Casinos’ Mantra

With the enormous market for casino games that has been opened up by the Internet, hundreds of casinos now compete for business online and via mobile. The sheer range of choices available to casino games fans is in itself an advantage to punters; if an online casino disappoints in any way, it takes a mere click of a mouse or a tap on a touchscreen to move on to a competitor with a better offering.

Add to this the fact that online players are constantly connecting via discussion forums, chat rooms and review sites, sharing good and bad online casino experiences, and it quickly becomes apparent that these operations have only one area in which they can seriously compete to attract more business than the competition: by offering more players better bonuses and bigger pay-outs more often. In other areas, such as safety, security and user-friendliness at online casinos, there is no competitive edge to be shaved; no margin to exploit. The standard has to begin at “excellent”, and only go higher from there.

Safety and Security is a Two-Way Street

Anyone using online services that involve access to their banking details and other personal information needs to be aware of their own responsibility, as much as the casino’s, regarding safety and security. Ensuring laptops, desktops and other devices have regularly updated anti-virus software should be a primary concern of anyone transacting online, as should using encryption technology, where appropriate.

It is up to players to keep their passwords safe; to use different passwords on different sites, and to update them regularly; they must also be wary of phishing scams, and know better than to download and install unfamiliar programmes from unverified sites without first scanning them for malware. These are the basics that a player can do to maintain safety and security at online and mobile casinos; naturally, the casinos also have a vested interest in fulfilling their own responsibilities regarding safety and security.

Reputable online casino have their games checked for fairness by independent auditors; their sites will display certification that their games conform to certain standards in respect of payout percentages, house-to-player odds and actually paying out winnings. They will also display security certifications, assuring players that their data and their bank accounts will remain protected.

User-Friendliness: a Modern Must

User-friendliness at Rival online casinos is another must-have, and the concept embraces several areas. Online gamblers tend to seek a variety of entertainment online, and speed of access is one of the ways to hold their attention. Whether they choose to play casino games directly through an Internet browser or download casino apps, speedy loading and play are a plus. Digital game designers who create the most popular games perfectly tread the fine line between creating more detailed graphics and sound effects, to replicate a more authentic casino experience, and streamlined, pared-down code to create the quickest interactions online.

Over and above that, the games must be simple and intuitive to play, so features like the auto-spin cycles on many slots games become important to user-friendliness. Free casino sites attached to real-money operations where players can try out games for fun; welcome bonuses for new registrations; regular free-bet bonuses for registered players: these are just some of the incentives online casinos offer to improve user-friendliness and attract more custom.

Review on The Unibet Group

Review on The Unibet Group

Unibet, which started in 1997, is today part of Kindred, which is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing online gambling businesses and works across 13 markets in this sector, and operates in about 150 countries. It has 15 million customers and their focus is on offering customers the best possible user experience as well as the best deals out there, all while ensuring that their gambling environment is safe, secure and fair. Unibet is huge in Europe and Australia.

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Betting On The AFL

Introduction to Online AFL Betting in New Zealand

New Zealanders not only love watching the most prestigious Australian rules football competition, they also love betting on it, and they don’t have to go very far to do it. The islands’ top online bookmakers always make sure to include AFL markets so punters don’t miss any of the action.

Punters can bet on a pre-season competition, the regular season, the finals series, and the Grand Final. The season runs from March to September.

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 Albion Park Greyhound Track

 Albion Park Greyhound Track

Albion Park is the new track in Brisbane that has replaced the old Gabba Track. The track is 437 meters long with a loam surface. Home of the Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club, Albion park hosts a number of big race days per year including the Brisbane Cup and the Winter Carnival cup, both of which are Group One races. The old Gabba track was made of grass, which meant that it was not all weather friendly. The new loam track is more durable, resulting in fewer cancelled or abandoned races.

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Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing – Hounding It Out For First Place

Greyhound racing is a competitive sport comprising of two main categories – track racing and coursing.  Coursing is a hunting technique, involving the hunting of mainly hares, and historically involved Greyhounds.  Track racing makes use of an artificial lure, egging the dogs on in order to cross the finish line in the quickest possible time.  Track racing is the more popular of the two categories, due to the majority of people holding the opinion that hunting a live hare is nothing short of a cruel blood sport.

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