7 Ways To Win In Roulette Casino Game

Online roulette offers the same fun and excitement that a land based roulette table offers. The benefits of course are faster game play and more convenience offered top the player.

There are a few ways you can improve your roulette odds and lower the house edge. These tips are a great way to improve your overall online roulette experience.

1. Play A Few Free Games

Online roulette games are free to play so this means you can play online games with no financial obligation and get a feel for the table before you start playing at roulettecanada.com with real money.

2. Focus On European Roulette

Online you will find a few variants on roulette games. The two most popular versions are American and European roulette.

Of these two, try and focus on European roulette as this form of roulette has the lowest house edge.

The main reason is the fact that a European roulette wheel as a single zero counter whole the American wheel has a zero and double zero counter.

3. Play At Reputable Sites

Reputable casinos have their gaming software regularly tested for randomness and you are essentially assured your payouts are safe.

4. Minimise Your Losses

There are two quick and simple ways to minimise your losses. Firstly set out a gaming budget with a clear value of how much you are willing to lose in a month. When you hot that target, stop playing.

The second method is to withdraw your winnings regularly. Banking extra cash means it will be around tomorrow.

5. Try Out Some Strategies

Roulette has existed for a couple of hundred years now and there have been many players who have tried to develop strategies for winning consistently.

Very few of these strategies provide a better house edge than just going by gut, but one in particular is more effective than the rest when it comes to betting on red and black or odds and evens.

The martingale system is a betting methodology where you place a wager and if it is a loss, simply double up on the same wager. This will return your loss on a winning bet.

6. Set Out Playing Schedules

Online roulette can be a very fun experience. The great options, graphics and fast paced games make it a joy to play.

It should however always be noted that you can turn a quick 10 minute session into an all-nighter very quickly if you hit any streaks r try to claw back losses.

Always play according to a set schedule, as tempting as it is to keep a “lucky” session going.

7. Use Technology To Your Advantage

When you are playing online roulette, remember that you have a wealth of Internet knowledge you can tap into along with software like spread sheets or a simple notepad.

These applications can be used to dig up helpful tips, keep track of your wins and losses as well as try and compile an odds table to try and determine any potential biases or patterns in the software.