Your Favorite Guide For Start Water Polo Betting Online

Water Polo is a team sport like any other – the only difference being that it is played in water. Consisting of four quarters and played by two teams, the aim is for teams to score goals by getting the ball into the opponent’s goal area.  Water Polo is a contact sport.  Due to the nature of the sport, players are required to develop endurance and stamina.

Movement in the water includes mainly swimming and treading water, as well as throwing, catching and shooting the Water Polo ball.   Water Polo was one of the first modern sporting events hosted at the Olympic Games in 1900.  The early rules of the game allowed players to hold other players under the water in order to gain possession of the ball, as well as wrestle other players for the ball.  The rules have since become more civilised and orderly.

Water Polo Betting: Betting Types

As is the case with most team sports, Water Polo has become a favourite sport for online betting offers.

Popular betting types include Match Bets, Total Scores Bets and Prop Bets.

A Match Bet generally involves placing a bet on the most likely outcome of a match, in other words, predicting who the winners will be or that the match will end in a tie.

Individuals wagering on a Total Score Bet, will place a bet on the estimated total number of points scored by both teams combined, during a Water Polo game.

Prop Bets make up for the rest of the spectrum, and these are compiled by bookmakers.  They may include the difference between the total number of goals scored by the teams, whether the Water Polo ball will burst during the game, etc much like the NRL bets punters would place online.

Water Polo Betting Strategies

Bets are placed all year round. This affords bettors the opportunity to do a lot of homework on their favourite players and teams.  For those not living in region particularly taken with Water Polo, there is always the Internet.  A great deal of information is available on sports betting sites, and bets can be placed online on any conceivable event.

Bettors are often eager to place bets on players and teams playing sports that they themselves enjoy, either as players or as spectators.  For those not able to attend actual matches, there are several live matches being streamed online daily. Live bets may be placed on streamed matches, as if the bettor were able to physically sit ringside or field side.

For those preferring the luxury of a live bet on location, there is always International events such as the Olympics (every four years) and the FINA Water Polo World League.  The World League is similar to the World Cup of Rugby Union.  The FINA Water Polo World League was hosted for the first time in 2002, and is still relatively new.  It came into being as a result of all the hype surrounding the sport of Water Polo at the Olympic games.

As the sport grows in popularity, so will betting opportunities also expand even further.