Detailed Review of Butterflies Slot Game

The Butterflies slot game is created by Next Gen and features a delightful theme based around two butterflies, both of which have been anthropomorphised for maximum cuteness. Its clear that a lot of effort has gone into these characters, but the Butterflies slot game is starting to show its age a little, and the graphics may not stand up to the high quality of more recent slot games.

The sound and music in the Butterflies slot game is also lacking a little, offering just simple reel spinning sound effects and little else. This is a shame, since the style of the game is all but calling out for a soundtrack, which would have gone a long way to keeping players charmed.

The graphics and sound may not be exceptional, but slot games are about more then just their visual presentation; there is also game play to consider. And, thankfully, in the game play department the Butterflies slot game still has plenty to offer, making it worth a look.

Game Play Functionality

The Butterflies slot game uses a fairly standard five reel, twenty betting line system. The betting lines are, however, completely adjustable, and may be raised or lowered between spins, as the player sees fit. This offers a great deal of strategy to the player, allowing for a strategic approach to the game. The betting amount may also be raised or lowered, of course, which further adds layers of strategy.

Note the gamble button, located to the left of the spin button. This button will become available upon the player achieving a winning sequence. If pressing the button, it will activate a second window, in which can be seen a face down playing card. The player simply has to guess the colour of the playing card, and if guessing right, the original winnings will instantly be doubled. Use this mini-game at your discretion, since it can be an addictive side activity all of its own.

Flower Power

It has already been said that the Butterflies slot game does not boast the best graphics, but lets take a closer look at some of the adorable characters. The two outstanding characters are the butterflies themselves, both with immaculate wings and happy smiles. The first, recognisable by her little red scarf, is the most valuable symbol in the game, and will payout huge amounts if matched. The second butterfly is a great deal less valuable, worth less then half, but one can’t deny she is still a beautiful sight to behold.

There are two bonus symbols in the Butterflies slot game, the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. The wild symbol appears as a fairy hat, and will match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. The scatter symbol appears as a flower, and is a rather interesting bonus. If matching, the scatter symbol will create butterflies, all of which will fly randomly across the reels. Some of the spaces the butterfly’s touch may turn into wilds. This, of course, allows the chance for multiple instant winning sequences to be created.  If the player is lucky, they may score big, all thanks to a few little butterflies.