Dragons Inferno Slot Examined

The art for Dragons Inferno slot is a striking comic style with bright, vivid colours, and detailed characters. Set in a mythical time where dragons ruled the skies and great heroes such as magical sorcerers, brave knights and skilled archers fought to defeat them. Dragons Inferno slot by Williams Interactive has five reels and thirty paylines, along with several bonus features.

The dragons featured in Dragons Inferno are from the European tradition and not from the Chinese or Asian tradition. The word dragon comes from the Latin word draconem which literally translates into huge serpent and the Greek word drakon which means giant sea fish. Dragons were originally thought of as legless serpents, but during the Middle Ages, they started to get illustrated and spoken about as having legs. This made them seem more like lizards than snakes.

The dragon from Europe has wings that grow out of its back and resemble bat wings. If it has wings but only one pair of legs, it’s called a wyvern. Dragons from the European tradition are often seen hording masses of treasure from the prying fingers of those daring enough to try and take it. This is where we find the dragon in Dragons Inferno, and why this mythical beast is mostly popular among the real money slot Philippines game.

The reel background in this game is a bright, swirling cauldron of orange and red lava. Bordering the lava are jagged rocks. At the top is the player’s total balance. At the bottom, on a gold plaque, the lines, bet per line, total bet and win are shown. There’s also a blue button with a white arrow that the player uses to start the spin, as well as the formula used to calculate the total bet. This formula is lines multiplied by bet per line to equal the total bet. The reel itself, where all of the game’s symbols are displayed, is surrounded in a gold trim and has a blue and white gradient background.

Dragons Inferno Reel Symbols

The reel in this game features both human characters as well as artefacts that the heroes can use to help defeat the dragon. The first human character is the archer. He is dressed in a green and brown vest with a white shirt, a green hat, and is holding a bow and arrow at full draw. He resembles the legendary hero Robin Hood. The second human character is the game is the sorceress. She has blonde hair, a jewelled necklace and is dressed in pink. She is seen casting a powerful spell. The third human character is a knight outfitted in full armour and holding a blue flaming sword. The background is a dungeon gate with blue mist.

Other symbols include a leather tome which is gilded in gold, a red potion with red background, a crystal ball held in the talons of an eagle, and a green sword with a misty green background. Next is the giant pile of treasure which serves as the wild. There are also the traditional symbols of a purple club, a red heart, a pink diamond, and a blue spade. Finally, there is the dragon symbol. It is portrayed as a large, scaled, winged beast with a fiery background.

Bonus Features

If the red dragon appears on reel three, the replicating wild feature is triggered.

Free spins are triggered when the player has three or more of the dragons that show up scattered anywhere across the reel.