Mobile online sic bo Review

The Origins of Sic Bo

Sic bo originated hundreds of years ago in Ancient China. It is believed that sic bo was originally played with painted bricks that were thrown into the air before the game was played with dice. Because the name sic bo translates to dice pair it is also believed the game may have been played with two dice before it became a three dice game at a later stage. The dice were placed on a plate and covered with a bowl then shaken up while players predicted the outcome.

The game sic bo has been enjoyed throughout Asia for centuries and in the early twentieth century found its way to the West through Chinese migration. More recently sic bo has become a worldwide sensation since online casinos nz have made the enjoyment of sic bo easily accessible.

Enjoy Sic Bo on your Mobile

If you have not played sic bo before you have the opportunity to learn while enjoying a few practice rounds on your mobile device for free. This allows you to get a better understanding on how to place the bets and since mobile online sic bo is such a thrilling game to play you will want to keep on playing. Playing on your mobile gives you the opportunity to enjoy this exciting game at any time, so if you are feeling lucky while waiting for a meeting or on a long bus ride, you have the opportunity to have a go right then.

The Basics of Mobile Sic Bo

Mobile online sic bo is no different from the traditional sic bo, the same goal is to bet on the outcome of three rolled dice. Sic bo is mainly a game of chance but there are many betting options in which the player can use to increase the chances of a better outcome.

Since mobile online sic bo does not require skill, it is important to know the types of betting options and to use smart money management. Playing sic bo rather simple, once you are familiar with the rules of the bets, you place your desired wager on the betting table and roll the dice. If the results of the dice match your wager, you have won.

Some Types of Sic Bo Bets

Mobile online sic bo has many different betting options as well as a variety of odds and pay outs. The pay outs range from even money to 180-1, which is why it is vital to know the basics of betting and which options pay higher to up the odds of better wins.

You can bet on any triple, this is a winning bet regardless of which three numbers are rolled. Specific double is only won when the two specific numbers you bet on are rolled. A total bet is for the total points rolled the dice. Big bets are if the dice rolls on a total of eleven to seventeen and small bets total four to ten. Single bets are placed on any one specific number that wins if that number is rolled on any of the dice.

Mobile online sic bo is a highly thrilling dice game that involves little strategy or skill. The game is simple to use on your mobile device and any of your winning bets are tallied automatically and added to your bankroll.