Sevens and Stripes Slots Review

Sevens and Stripes is a classic online slot game developed by Real Time Gaming. RTG was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998, giving them almost two decades of experience in casino game creation. Sevens and Stripes is one of this developer’s more simplistic games, playing out over 3 reels and a single payline.

This slot’s design is based on American symbols and patriotism, and its name is a nod towards the stars and stripes of the USA flag. As it is a classic-style slot, the bonus features in Sevens and Stripes have also been kept simple, offering players a progressive jackpot and a top payout of up to 5,000 coins.

Look, Feel and American Design

Sevens and Stripes is a traditional slot game with a unique design. RTG has created the game in the shape of a real land-based slot machine, complete with slot machine buttons, a chrome machine case, and a slot lever. This design is reminiscent of the one-armed bandit slot machines that were especially popular with slots players in the 1980’s.

A red, white and blue US flag forms the backdrop of this slot, and a portion of the screen houses a large pay chart. Players can use this pay chart to find out the payout for each different symbol combination, which will also be displayed electronically below the reels.

Sevens and Stripes Reel Symbols

The symbols on the reels of Sevens and Stripes are classic slots symbols. They include single, triple and double bars, and red, white and blue sevens. The bars have also been designed in red, white and blue to add to the American theme of this RTG slot.

Red sevens are the highest paying symbol in this game. When players land 3 of them on the payline when playing at a maximum bet of 3 coins, they will win a 5,000 coin jackpot. The next highest payout is for white sevens, and landing 3 of these on the payline will award players 600 coins at maximum bet.

Then come blue sevens at 300 coins, and blue triple bars at 120 coins. Even mixed bars will pay out 12 coins when in the right position.

Progressive Jackpot and Top Payouts

The main bonus feature in Sevens and Stripes is its progressive jackpot feature. The jackpot is part of RTG’s online progressive network, and increases in value the more players can even play the real money online slots Pakistan and win. Each portion of a real money bet in Sevens and Stripes will be added to the progressive prize, the value of which is displayed at the top of the game’s screen above the reels.

To trigger the progressive jackpot, players must land a specific symbol combination on the payline while playing at maximum bet. This combination is one red seven, one white seven, and one blue seven on the reels in that order. The game will also pay a top jackpot for that symbol combination if a player was not playing at maximum bet. If played at 2 coins per spin, red, white and blue sevens will pay out 4,800 coins. At a bet of 1 coin per spin, this payout will be 2,400 coins instead.