Treasure Island Slot Machine Reviewed Online

Based on a classic novel of the same name, Treasure Island slot is an online slots game developed and introduced by Quickspin Software. The game itself features 5 reels and 40 paylines, with symbols and bonuses based around the theme of pirates and treasure. Keeping with the theme of pirates, Treasure Island slot also has a background made up of a tropical island, and a series of characters inspired by those found in the Treasure Island book from 1883.

Treasure Island Slot Interface

Treasure Island Slot uses the same design and layout as many other Quickspin games, where simplicity and ease of access are the most important aspects. Fans of Quickspin will immediately recognise the layout of buttons and information, while those new to the game will find the game easy to navigate. The play, autoplay, total winnings box, and betting options can all be found together on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Here, players can choose a wager, set autoplay, or simply start the game manually.

The other side of the screen features information such as current available balance, game settings, bets per line, fast play, and a paytable button. Fast play is especially welcome to those who want to play fast-paced games without having to wait for the reels to slowly come to a stop, and the paytable provides all information about symbols and potential combinations.

Playing Treasure Island Slot

Choosing a bet is the first step to playing Treasure Island slot, and players can use the bet button to choose the amount they wish to lay down for every spin. The game starts once the play or autoplay buttons have been selected, and the reels will spin for a small amount of time before coming to a stop. The combination of symbols present at the end of every spin determines whether the spin resulted in winnings or not. Combinations of different symbols can mean different amounts won, and some symbols can even initiate special bonuses in the game.

Bonus Features

The first featured bonus in Treasure Island slot is the Pirate Attack bonus. This bonus begins upon landing two of the TNT barrel wild symbols anywhere on the reels. A small cut scene will start, in which a pirate ship in the background will fire cannonballs at the screen, creating new wild symbols with every hit. These wild symbols will add up once the cut scene has ended, and after another spin, a large win will be received.

Compass symbols are a little rarer than the TNT barrels, and landing three compass symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 will begin a unique minig ame. Players will be given a choice between the three compass symbols, with each choice giving the player a different outcome. The first is the chance to win free spins by playing the island hop mini game. Next is treasure hunt, where players can direct a small character around an island to dig up treasure. Lastly, an instant win can be awarded, which provides the player with a certain amount of returns immediately.

Treasure Island Slots Verdict

Treasure Island slot will be enjoyed by those who have interest in classic slots, which the bonus mini games offering endless entertainment.