Uncovering Zeus 3 Slot Game Online

For the past several years, Williams Interactive has been creating online casino games that focus on a number of different themes. These themes have been incredibly varied and have offered players a world of adventures. However, when the online casino game software developer finds something that works, they stick with it and perhaps even find different ways to improve on it. This is evident in games like Zeus 3 slot, the third instalment in their Zeus range of games. Following the gods we have all come to know from Greek mythology, the game puts plenty of power in the hands of the player.

How Is The Game Set Up?

Zeus 3 slot game is quite a big one compared to other games of its kind. It consists of six reels and 192 fixed paylines. The area of the playing zone is considerably large, but is still adapted to suit a range of devices including computers, tablets and mobile phones. The number of rows on a reel varies from reel to reel, with the first reel displaying just two rows while each one to the right after that has an extra row attached to it. At first glance, the game’s shape is similar to that of a pyramid on its side.

Important Symbols to Note

One of the most important aspects in any kind of online slots game is the symbols adorning the reels. Not only do they set each game apart from one another, they also help developers accurately convey the game’s theme. Of course, when it come to Zeus 3 slot game, the symbols all take the form of imagery that we have come to expect from Greek mythology. This includes the likes of a helmet, a ship, Pegasus, a coin and Zeus, the game’s title character. Traditional card symbols are also dotted along the reels, as they represent the symbols with lower values. The slot game is polar opposite to online pokies NZ as the gaming options, odds differ.

It is also worth noting that this game has two different wild symbols. One of these is Zeus himself, but this only functions as a wild if it features on an entire reel. The second wild symbol, which functions in the same way that any other symbol of this kind would, meaning that it can substitute any other symbol in order to form a winning combination, takes the form of a temple. The scatter symbol, on the other hand, features Zeus’ hand wrapped around a bolt of lightning. This is the only symbol in the entire game that cannot be substituted by one of the two wild symbols.

When it comes to the third instalment in their Zeus range of online slots games, Williams Interactive took care to ensure that all of the highlights from the previous two games remained in tact for players to enjoy. Zeus 3 slots offers players an entertaining take on the games they have come to love. With a range of exciting symbols that appear across so many different paylines, this game is one that is sure to bring plenty of fun.