Yahtzee Board Game Makes a Great Slot Game

Many of our favourite board games have been designed as slots games. There are popular slots games based on Monopoly, for instance, as well as games like Cluedo and Snakes and Ladders. Yahtzee is one of the latest of these games, produced by WMS Gaming. This slots game is based on the classic dice game, and the developers have designed it carefully. Rolling the same number on each of the five dice is the ultimate prize to aim for, and this is called a Yahtzee.

Yahtzee is a five reel game, with twenty five fixed pay lines, and the screen of the slots game resembles the box containing the board game. The main symbols are all connected to the game, and include pizza, popcorn, and fizzy drink, three pairs of players and three different boxes which contain the board game.

Special Effects and Features

The special symbols are interpreted from the first edition of the board game. The Wild is a starry yellow swirl, and the two bonus symbols are the blue roller of the dice, and the five dice spinning in the air.

An important feature of the slot game Yahtzee is the Wild Multiplier feature. In most online slots Australia games the player can win a chance of multiplying his winnings with a specific number of multiplier effects.

In this slots game awards players who trigger the bonus round and win a Wild Multiplier feature in the top right hand corner of the screen, all line wins with one or more Wilds will be multiplied by two or up to thirty six times. Two dice are rolled, and the outcomes are multiplied by one another, resulting in a large jackpot win.

Lots of Bonus Rounds Can Be Won

Another feature is the Yahtzee Free Roll Bonus, which is triggered when five Roll symbols appear on the reels. Four of the same number will be held, and one dice will be rolled. This means four of a kind, or five of a kind, which is the Yahtzee.

The Yahtzee Bonus round is triggered when the Diced Bonus symbols appears on reel five. When it appears there will be a number of bonuses awarded. One Bonus symbols means a multiplier of one, and this increases the more symbols the player finds on the reel. All five symbols will activate the Yahtzee Bonus round, where the player will be awarded the real rewards of the game. This feature is popular as it gives players the opportunity to try these money making awards.

Lots of Lucrative Jackpots

If the player rolls a Yahtzee on the first roll of the Yahtzee Bonus round, the first of these jackpots will reward them with about 4500 times their wager. This is the first Roll Jackpot. If the player rolls a Yahtzee on his first roll, and then another Yahtzee on the following roll of the dice, they will win the Back to Back Yahtzee Jackpot, which is a huge 40 000 time his original stake.

The developers at Williams Interactive or WMS Gaming have designed this game to give players the feeling of a family fun evening. The slot game is very similar to the original, and retains its appeal to the many players who enjoyed the board game.